Artist Statement


First and foremost, I am an artist who is fascinated by and dabbles in mathematics and science.  If you’re looking for precise, mathematically formulated designs check out some of the sites listed on my “About HTs” page.

My Art

As an artist I create mandala art using repeated patterns.  I started creating them in 1999 after an inspirational trip to Egypt, which is inundated with beautiful Islamic art.  You can read more about my bio on my mandala art web site:

In July 2009 I visited the MC Escher exhibit at the Portland Art Museum (Oregon).  Seeing MC Escher’s Circle Limit IV (Angels & Demons) blew me away.  I was even more blown away by the graph system he used to help him create it.  After a few months of research I was able to create my own graph.

The Process

I place a piece of tracing paper over the graph and proceed to free-hand draw my ideas.  Once the sketch is completed, I scan it into photoshop.  Using my graphics tablet/stylus pen, I free-hand trace over one section of my scanned sketch.   Then I take the section and copy/paste it around the circle.  The challenge is that because it is free-hand drawn, some edges are a little off, which requires that I clean up by hand.  The whole process takes about 3-4 hours per design.

"Serenity" Mandala Sketch in Progress
“Serenity” Mandala Sketch in Progress

I know applications exist to make this process easier and more precise however I enjoy the human/organic results.

– Maureen Frank, The Mandala Lady